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Providing clean, secure, and affordable energy to the world.

Corporate Responsibility

Cheniere Energy’s Corporate Sustainability program is built off our vision statement to “provide clean, secure, and affordable energy to the world.” Our product – liquefied natural gas (LNG) – can reduce environmental and climatic impacts by displacing fossil fuels that are more carbon-intensive and produce higher levels of traditional air pollution and mercury. Providing the world with secure and affordable energy requires commitment and accountability of our employees, contractors and management.

At Cheniere, each employee has the responsibility to preserve and protect the environment, conduct operations in a safe manner, and recognize the potential impacts of our operations on our communities and customers. These responsibilities help us achieve our overall environmental and safety goals, and our long-term, holistic, and successful corporate sustainability program. 

Key building blocks of Cheniere’s corporate sustainability program include environmental, health and safety stewardship, governance and oversight, and community and employee relations. Due to its diverse nature, the governance of key components of the corporate sustainability program resides with certain members of the executive leadership team and is managed by a team of subject matter experts.   

Cheniere’s Commitment To Safety And The Environment

Cheniere is proud to play a leading role in the development of a clean, safe and environmentally friendly source of energy from the North American marketplace.

At Cheniere, our emphasis is on environmentally sound day-to-day business operations. The design of our infrastructure, our operations practices and our involvement in the communities that house our facilities are excellent examples of our living commitment to the environment.

Our Infrastructure

Cheniere's LNG terminals and pipelines are designed to meet or exceed U.S. federal codes and standards. We work with and have support from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Coast Guard as well as a myriad of state and local agencies as part of an ongoing effort to ensure that we have the best technology available to manage safety and environmental challenges at all locations. One example of this commitment is Cheniere's state-of-the-art tug boats. We are pioneering the use of the first tug boats in Corpus Christi and Sabine Pass equipped with onboard fire-fighting capabilities.

Our Operations Practices

Cheniere's responsibility to uphold the industry standard is reflected in our goals for incident-free facilities and operation. Our employees, contractors and guests are required to conduct themselves with an emphasis on safety and environmental awareness when they are at any Cheniere site.

Our Communities

Cheniere invests time to develop strong community relationships and believes in the importance of earning a community's trust before asking for its support. We are proud to be contributing to several notable projects designed to support environment recovery efforts.

During development and construction of our projects, Cheniere is making efforts to restore the marsh environment and coastline in southwest Louisiana and Texas. By working closely with the states of Texas and Louisiana and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers utilizing the dredging materials from our terminal construction, Cheniere will be building up the depleting coastline at Louisiana Point. A similar approach will be used to improve important habitat near our Corpus Christi site.

Every step of the way, from transportation to trade, we are working diligently to offer the world a clean source of energy, delivered safely and with respect for the environment.

ESG Governance

Cheniere’s Board is responsible for risk oversight of the company. In turn, the executive management team is responsible for considering, as appropriate, the long-term sustainability implications of our business plans and Cheniere’s ability to responsibly deliver clean, secure, and affordable energy to the world.



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