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Community Development Program

Community Investment

We offer several programs through which we can impact our communities, such as volunteer efforts, financial contributions, and in-kind donations. We established the Cheniere Cares Foundation in late 2017, which is a nonprofit dedicated to giving back to the communities in which we live and work. In 2018, we will implement several other enhancements, including a formal volunteer hours policy and an employee matching gifts program. We strategically prioritize our investments by aligning with our business and community needs.

In 2017, we spent approximately $3.5 million in support of local nonprofit organizations. The most notable event of that year in the Gulf of Mexico was Hurricane Harvey, a thousand-year storm that hit all three of our Gulf locations. Yet even in its devastation, we saw the best of Cheniere, our employees and the community at-large. We were extremely proud of our employees and their willingness to help colleagues and neighbors. Our employees used their own boats during the storm to help neighbors and coworkers and even save livestock. After the storm, Cheniere held a day of service, knowing that for many the recovery and rebuilding phase will be the hardest. We were one of the first companies to announce a large donation to the American Red Cross, committing $1 million to their efforts in order to provide support during and after the hurricane.

Cheniere Cares

Respect for each other, the company, our stakeholders and the environment is one of our core values at Cheniere. Each year, we seek ways to give back to the communities where we operate and our employees live. In support of these efforts, we launched Cheniere Cares in 2017. Through Cheniere Cares, we engage in philanthropic activities that support Cheniere’s Values, foster strong community relationships, and enhance employee satisfaction and engagement. Cheniere Cares is the umbrella under which our philanthropic efforts reside, providing for greater visibility, employee participation, and internal and external awareness of all of our hard efforts. Through this initiative we established the Cheniere Cares Foundation and Cheniere Cares Committee in support of our global philanthropic efforts. These endeavors provide further alignment of our community giving with our business objectives as well as a platform through which we can coordinate global charitable activities.

Cheniere is committed to being a responsible corporate leader in the communities where we operate and our employees live. Through Cheniere Cares, we deliver on this promise by engaging in philanthropic activities that support Cheniere’s Values, foster strong community relationships and enhance employee satisfaction and engagement.

Our Guiding Principles: Through Cheniere Cares, we volunteer our time and invest our resources by partnering with local communities and organizations to identify, develop, and implement targeted and sustainable social responsibility initiatives.

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