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Providing clean, secure, and affordable energy to the world.

Political Involvement Program

Our government advocacy on matters relevant to Cheniere’s business interests are managed by the Policy, Government, and Public Affairs (PGPA) organization, led by the Senior Vice President of PGPA (a member of Cheniere’s executive leadership team and reporting to the Chief Executive Officer).

The PGPA organization’s activities include development and advocacy of policy positions, participation in various governmental advisory committees, non-governmental institutions, trade associations, partnerships and lobbying. We comply with all regulatory standards associated with registration and reporting of our lobbying activities. While our participation and involvement in such partnerships are vital, there may be times where Cheniere’s official position on certain issues may differ from the position taken by the trade association or advisory committee. In some cases, our staff may be nominated to serve on federal advisory committees or non-governmental institutions to lend their personal expertise.

Cheniere’s program includes a process in which company funds or assets will not be used to make a political contribution to any political party or candidate, unless approval has been given by a compliance officer. The Cheniere Energy, Inc. political action committee (the “Cheniere PAC”) is a forum for employees to voluntarily contribute to a fund that supports the election of candidates to Congress. Decisions about contributions to specific federal candidates are made by members of the Cheniere PAC, with input from the company’s government affairs staff.

Lobbying and Political Expenses

In 2017, Cheniere and Cheniere employees, through the Cheniere PAC, contributed less than $1 million in total to political parties and candidates. 

Cheniere discloses on a quarterly basis our lobbying expenses and on a semiannual basis our political contributions. This information is publicly available on external websites.

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