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Health & Safety

Contractor Safety Program

It is essential that Cheniere’s contractors perform in a manner that is in accordance with company policies, standards and procedures, and all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Contractor commitment to quality, budget and schedule in addition to health, safety, security and the environment shall be assessed by responsible company personnel at every stage of the process.

The purpose of the contractor management standard is to outline the minimum company requirements for managing third parties that perform work within the company’s facilities. This standard defines the minimum requirements for ensuring work performed for the company by qualified contractors is accomplished safely and in accordance with company requirements and all applicable laws, rules and regulations. These include: 

Cheniere’s contractor safety management program is consistent with Cheniere’s H&S program. As part of our contractor safety management program, we expect all contractors conducting business on Cheniere’s assets to adhere to all H&S standards, human resources policies, and employment standards established by Cheniere. These standards are incorporated in every contract the company undertakes with the contracting entity. Cheniere’s contracts require minimum H&S requirements for our contractors, including an H&S plan that addresses H&S risks specific to the work set out in the agreement and the management of controls to eliminate, reduce or mitigate these risks.

In addition, periodic contractor safety workshops are held by Cheniere to train and reinforce our expectations. Monthly reporting of key contractor safety metrics are made available online to the entire company. These include:

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